Wednesday, November 23, 2011

First Hair Cut

William right before his hair cut.
Aunt Adrianne was great and gave William a super cute cut! So During........
Finished Product! My little boy looks so different.
And I just really liked this picture. The kids all love there family so much and it was great to have the Brett and Adrianne here. We already miss them.

Snow fun!

Jessie was not a fan of the snow. Between the cold and constricting snow suit she just stood there like a little lost puppy. But My other three snow bunnies loved the snow. we found the greatest hill and they went to town. Even I enjoyed a few trips down. Matt found a little shop near by and loved the Cinnamon roasted pecans, and fresh taffy. I cant wait to go back.

My snow angels!

Retreat to Leavenworth Wa

Matt and I got to go on a retreat this past weekend. What a treat is was. The kids had nannies, leaving Matt and I to what ever. It was so relaxing. We got to go on sleigh ride through the forest, shopping in the town (we went into a store with all breakable stuff and did not have to even worry), swimming, amongst a lot of sight seeing.

It was really cold!

Bath Buddies

These two are such buddies. William is Jessies number one fan. He follows her everywhere, just watching:)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween candy operation!

Did I mention I love Halloween.? And so does my kids!! This year do to a very busy year I decided to not make there costumes and my mom and I had a blast doing some on-line shopping! Thanks Mom for enduring my thousand e-mails of look at this one? lol It was hard cause I wanted a theme and the kids had I wide variety of what they wanted. So we compromised and went with a scary, yet pretty Halloween theme. What wanted scary monster..... hence Frankenstein!!!!!! I loved his costume.
Kynnlee got her pretty dress in the form of a witch... her dress had lights in it and it lite up! It was a major hit for this girl!
William was a scary monster spider!
And our little black cat! She loves to pretend to be a cat.
Matt and I got these to scare the kids! and the kids just laughed..... but we had fun trying!

Pumpkin carving!

I love carving pumpkins but dislike gutting it so I put my little pumpkins to work! lol Jessie tried hard but could not get any out.
Kynnlee was so disgusted that after this picture she stood up and turned her back claiming she was going to be sick!
Being the boy Wyatt was thought it was awesome, but when it came to putting his hand in decide that he was gong to leave it up to me....... My plan did not workout as planned but I've always got next year, right:)

Crazy hair Day!

William has crazy hair everyday since Matt will not let me trim his hair yet! I came into the kitchen to Jessies screaming like someone died to find that some how William had taken her sucker. I must say that he thought he had won the ultimate jackpot. He was not willing to give it back:)
This picture of Jessie I just love! She is such a fun girl and I love that I got a picture of her sparkle!
My fun crew!
Kynnlees school is having spirit week and Monday was crazy hair/ orange day! Which ever since her butch job she gave herself it was pretty easy to do. She thought it was pretty cool to get to spray her hair orange. She is such a girly girl!

My mom sent the kids Skelton Pjs that glow in the dark and the kids have literally worn them almost everyday since. They glow in the dark and every night if the house gets quite you just have to check the backyard.

October Festivities!

The kids and I had a fun month doing Halloween activities . Since last year we spent our holidays in a hotel we are making up this year! The kids are at such a fun age!
We made some great pumpkin sugar cookies! And I actually put my organized, clean, do it myself personality aside and let the kids go at it. And I was presently surprised that they kept things so tidy! lol

Pumpkin Painting was a huge hit in the Gammons household!

4th end of season of soccer!

Wow what a wonderful season. We got to spend three days a week in watching Wyatt in some of the prettiest weather Washington has to offer! It has been wonderful watching Wyatt grow and developed in his skill level. He pulled out moves that surprised me. I thought it was funny that his personality so visibley showed through his playing technique. He loves to hang back and watch the situation than plan his route. I'm very proud of my boy!
One of the best qualities Wyatt has is that he loves his brother and sisters. He always made sure that they get anything he got, after every game he would always make sure the girls were included. He is the best big brother my others could ask for!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Wyatt had been waiting for weeks to go to the Pumpkin Patch! He had earned the right to go by earning a bunch of stickers for good behavior. So we waited for Matt and a non rainy day and it turned out to be a great day! We had such a good time. The kids were able to enjoy a petting zoo, corn field maze, a hay ride, shoot corn and apples out of a gun and of course the pumpkin patch!

Ive been really excited for this season since last year we were in a hotel!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Wyatts first primary talk!

Wyatt had his first primary talk today and I must say I was one proud mom! We practiced during the week and he was really excited to get up there and tell all his friend about missionary work. It was funny cause he changed all the prophet says, too the prophet told Wyatt. He was shining afterwards with joy that he had accomplished his goal of being a big boy. He asked if he could get an extra star on his chore chart, which made me smile cause that's what I tend to reference talks too:)
I Just Loved these photos and thought I would share them!


My sweet Kynnlee! She loves her Ballet. She is actually very good at it. She listens so good and is so eager to please she makes sure she does exactly what her teacher says. Its so funny how is so girly. I love all my babies for there individual personalities.

Outside of Ballet I was going to get a picture of them all, Jessie wasn't staying still. SO Wyatt stepped in and made her. Boy did she tell him what she thought of that!

Kynnlees first day of School!

This is right before Jessie found out she wasn't going to get to stay at school with Kynnlee. She was just as excited to be there. But I'm pretty sure people in neighboring towns heard her screaming when we left:(
I will start out by saying Kynnlee has been waiting for this day ever since she remembers. Her big brother has gotten to go and she really wanted her turn. So that said, it was not an emotional good by. In fact when I dropped her off, the other kids were crying or instructing there parents not to leave. But I swear when I left I had foot prints on my back from where she tried kicking me out, just joking:) But she did keep telling me to leave, that she was fine. So needless to say she had a great day and her teacher said she was the sweetest thing and listened so good!