Sunday, February 15, 2009

Kynnlee's first steps!

As you see Wyatt is very helpful with her. The doctor said the reason she is not walking or talking is because Wyatt does it for her.

Kynnlee and Wyatt!

Yes Kynnlee is finally getting the hang of being less dependent on me and actually trying to walk and stand by herself. She actually walks really good if she is holding onto at least one of your fingers. I would not push the issue at all if it wasn't for the act that she gets incredibly upset that she cant walk.

Wyatt got a surprise from grandma nielson today. When he woke up I told him that something came for him. He always knows that its on the front porch so he ran outside and their was the huge box with a horse in it. Yahhh It looks like mom got got the grandma of the year award!!!!!!! He loves it. I have a video but it was to long to download. But as you can see the horse has been everywhere. Including the street. Thanks Grandma we love that you care so much!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Superbowl party the Boys!

During half time and after the game the boys played madden on xbox. Here they are at lets say 10:32. I have the camera out taking pictures. 10:33 the fun began! Know what lead to the laughter.
Keep going!

Oh the boys! Thats Neil, Matt, and Grady. Brett did not goin the fun!

superbowl party the girls

We had the game out at our house last night. It turnrd out to be alot of fun. We all broght snack foods and ate, alot. Elizabeth made really good meatballs and rice crispies and Adrian made her salsa. She always makes me a special bowl without onions. All of it was real good we also had 7layer bean dip, queso, and chocolate cake. Needless to say we did not even get to the root beer floats. But we will save them for next week. This is the only picture with a kid in it. Mine were in bed and shadi was in my room and Bailey was the only lucky child to get to hang with us. But I do wish I would have gotten a picture of all the girls in their matching dresses.

Adrian and Elizabeth!

Anna and Elizabeth!