Thursday, April 30, 2009

poor Wyatt

For the most part everyone already knows that Wyatt shut a window on his hand and fractured it. But I know a few of you don't keep in contact by phone but rely on the blogging method. But anyways poor wyatt has been hit by a virus at the same time too. It i so sad. He is absolutely miserable. He has been throwing up, fever, and a headache. I took him to he doctor and had him tested for the swine flu. But he got a clean bill of health on that side of things. This whole flu scare has me being very cautious. I don't want to be the mom who though it was nothing and it turned out to be deadly.

Texas Blue Bonnet Pictures!!!!!!!!

The Texas Blue Bonnet Pictures are a fun thing to do every year. I never did them with Wyatt before because I felt it was dumb to place your son in flowers and take his picture. But now that he has a sister it's sweet. The only problem was she hated the blue bonnets they are kinda poky. But we did our best. The truth is I would rather a picture of the kids showing their personalities than a fake smile. Emotion number one: pouting
Emotion number two: disgusted

Emotion number three: happy!! ( I got my way and got got back in the car)

Emotion number one: Happy ( I get ice cream if I smile)

Emotion number two: I'm the sweetest boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009


The kids in their Easter clothes. It looks like Wyatt pee'd his pant but he had already got chocolate on his church pants.

Wyatt, Kynnlee, and Bailey at their Grandparents house after looking for eggs.

Kynnlee only found one egg. She stopped and ate all the jelly beans with her four teeth.

See they are sweet!

She is still working on the jelly beans.

Six Flags

We went to six flags with Grady, Elizabeth, Neil, Bailey, Shady, and my crew. Matt had to ride with Kynnlee on all the kiddie rides. Because I cant ride rides. This one was hilarious.
I think someone had to many funnel cakes.

This picture really cracked me up! If you look closely you can seethe frustration of having to wait in line. But both Wyatt and Bailey did very good.

Matt and Kynnlee.

Kynnlee and Wyatt about to take flight!

Random Pictures

Wyatt and Kynnlee getting ready to go to church!
The kids and I!

It was such a pretty creation and it even tasted good.

She loves my sun glasses!!!!!!!!!

And my necklace!

Friday, April 3, 2009

It's a Girl!!!!!!!!!

For those we don't see or talk to very often Matt and I went to the doctor on Wednesday and found out that our newest addition to the family is going to be a girl! I am really excited. Neither of us cared what it would be, we just want a healthy baby. We already got the coolest boy ever and the sweetest little girl. SO we knew what ever it was we were happy to have. A lady at work told me I was crazy to have another. She said we got the funniest boy and the cutest girl what else do you think is going to come out. Well we don't know but it is fun to watch each one take on their own personality. Wyatt looks like me but acts like Matt and Kynnlee looks like Matt but acts like me. We haven't decided on a name yet but we have another 20 weeks to figure it out.