Sunday, September 18, 2011

Wyatts first primary talk!

Wyatt had his first primary talk today and I must say I was one proud mom! We practiced during the week and he was really excited to get up there and tell all his friend about missionary work. It was funny cause he changed all the prophet says, too the prophet told Wyatt. He was shining afterwards with joy that he had accomplished his goal of being a big boy. He asked if he could get an extra star on his chore chart, which made me smile cause that's what I tend to reference talks too:)
I Just Loved these photos and thought I would share them!


My sweet Kynnlee! She loves her Ballet. She is actually very good at it. She listens so good and is so eager to please she makes sure she does exactly what her teacher says. Its so funny how is so girly. I love all my babies for there individual personalities.

Outside of Ballet I was going to get a picture of them all, Jessie wasn't staying still. SO Wyatt stepped in and made her. Boy did she tell him what she thought of that!

Kynnlees first day of School!

This is right before Jessie found out she wasn't going to get to stay at school with Kynnlee. She was just as excited to be there. But I'm pretty sure people in neighboring towns heard her screaming when we left:(
I will start out by saying Kynnlee has been waiting for this day ever since she remembers. Her big brother has gotten to go and she really wanted her turn. So that said, it was not an emotional good by. In fact when I dropped her off, the other kids were crying or instructing there parents not to leave. But I swear when I left I had foot prints on my back from where she tried kicking me out, just joking:) But she did keep telling me to leave, that she was fine. So needless to say she had a great day and her teacher said she was the sweetest thing and listened so good!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Seattle ZOO!

We went to the Seattle Zoo. I must say we had a blast but I will say its not as nice as the fort worth. But the company was great.
Matt and the girls!They had a special dinosaur exhibit and the kids loved it! Except for Jessie and she was petrified. They moved around and spit water and roared.
Me and the babes:)
Wyatt was tyring so hard to be brave but that Dino will lower his head and spit water right wear he was standing. This for some reason really cracked me up!

Wyatts first day of school!

Wyatt had his first day of School and it was a major hit! He just loved it. My girls missed there brother greatly and was waiting on the step for him to come out! In the car I asked Wyatt what he learned and he said language. I asked, what kind of language?" He responded with counting ten in Spanish, My sweet little girl Kynnlee looked at her brother with an expression of duh and said, "I learned that on Dora." And who said cartoons are not on educational! lol
Monkey see monkey do! If one of my kids do something they all do! And yes it look us forever to get to the car:)Wyatts favorite thing is that they start out the day with breakfast. He loves eating at school and has he read him the breakfast calender every night. He loves food like his mamma!
His special superman back pack! My mom got it for him. Thanks mom:)Yep hes in Kindergarten! On the wat to school I asked him what he was going to do that day and he responed with, " Im going to find someone who looks sad and be his best friend, cause Im Wyatt and everyone loves Wyatt!" So proud of him:)

Wyatt has started soccer!

So soccer has started and we are loving this season. He has a great coach and we are on the older team this year and I love how organized sports our getting. Its no longer a run for all! We actually have positions and plays. Its so fun to watch Wyatt grow and mature through the years. I can really see it when he plays. Saturday was his first game and he did awesome at his game. The best part was during the game Wyatt yelled, "Mom you are my Sunshine!" Sweetest boy ever!

Summer walks and Kynnlee figured it out!

Alright I thought this was blog worthy since my little girl has tried forever to ride her bike and she finally figured out how to peddle! She was so excited! I am not looking to teach her how to ride without training wheels. Lol
Jessie is her daddies little buddy!And we all enjoy our evening walks. I am not looking forward to loosing our sunshine and rainless days. W have been trying to be more adventurous here in Wa. Well as adventurous as you can get with four kids under 5. But we have tried out many hiking trails and state parks. It really is a beautiful place.

Jessies 2!

My baby girl turned 2! She is one funny girl. She had a fun packed day and than ended it with cake and presents. One of the things we do do when you turn 2 around here is you get moved out of the crib and into a toddler bed. She was so excited! Shes a crazy sleeper, kind of fits her pesonality.

First night in her big girl bed!

Williams Blessing!

We waited to bless William till we were able to be with Family! I wish my side of the family could of made it too...

We had a whirl wind of a summer! We kick started it with a wonderful trip to Texas. Lots of sunshine and great company, it was most defiantly a success. We spent every free moment soaking up the sun at the pool. Wyatt got to go to work with his uncle where he back claiming he is now a man. Kynnlee was so excited that she got to spend a week attending cheer camp with her cousin Bailey. She had a blast! We squeezed as much as we could get in. Had a great 4th celebration, went to a water park, baptism, Williams blessing, made cool necklaces and so much more! We cant wait to make it back!