Thursday, October 22, 2009

We are still Alive!

Wow things have been more than crazy around here! But here is a list of newest events: 1. Wyatt had swim lessons which the only thing he learned was how to sit in a class situation. Hopefully next year he will be a fish. He also started school,which he loves!!!!!!!!!! It has been awsome. The next big event is that he started soccer. He is awsome. He was born to play sports. And he has grown like a weed! 2. Kynnlee is still young so she hasen't had in events but she finally grew out of her 12 months clothes and went ahead skipped to 2t clothing with in a month and a half, she can sing her abc's and count! She looks like a girl, she has very girly manurisms, but she is as tough as a boy! Her and Wyatt are two peas in a pod. But the most important news is that number three has arrived! She is awsome. She was born aug 12th and weighted 6lbs 6oz. Soooooo tiny... But she has now doubled in weight! She loves to be talked t.wo and will smile at ayone who does! Her name is Jessie Jane! I will post pictures soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!