Thursday, January 29, 2009

The swing!

The kids love to swing that is most defiantly their favorite past time. So when at there Grandparents house that is where they want to be. This day felt like spring but two days later it was icy! Who would guess. My mom always jokes that if you don't like the weather in Texas wait a few hours and you will have totally different weather.
We were in Fortworth for Kynnlees one year check up this day. She is in the 75% for height and in the 6% for weight. She is 28" tall and weights 17lbs and 4oz. They projected that she will be 5'5 and 105 pounds when she grows up! So basically just like me. So I am curious how on the doctor will be. I guess I have 20 years to wait.

Both kids had the horrible virus that has been going around. They still have that sickly look in their eyes.

Randam Pictures

Here are some pics of us lateley! This is Kynnlee before she got sick. She has lost all of her baby cheeks!

If you look really close you can tell he was actually smiling. J/k one day will catch a smile!
Wyatt really loves his mom. He is a big mammas boy. Or as he calls me mammia! Where he learned that who knows.

Know Kynnlee is her daddy's little girl. She does not talk much but lately every time she looks at Matt she yells HI! She loves his hat!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Kynnlee's One year update!

Kynnlee is officially one. I use my blog as the kids official baby books. So I am going to write a few things about Kynnlee. Kynnlee smiles more than any baby I have ever been around. She has no desire to to talk or walk. All she can do is smile and say hi. Every once in awhile when she is desperate (usally when Wyatt is in her space) you will get a mamma or dadda. But those times are not often enough. Her favorite song is patty cake. And at the end of every song she always clapps and makes a noice that sounds like yahha. She only has one tooth unlike her brother who had all his teeth including his two year old molars before he was one. She has fine blonde hair. My mom when has always said that I was bald until I was two but upon her last visit she said that I had a full head of hair compared to Kynnlee. She is about 17 lbs and I dont know about how long she is. In summary she is still my little girl.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Kynnlee's 1st B-day!

Today was Kynnlee's 1st b-day. I was a lot of fun. All we did for her this year was cake. But she did not know the difference anyways. Matt's family all came over and us adults played spades while the kids played. It was really nice to have everyone here. She really likes the frosting. Wyatt and Bailey kept themselves entertained all night with those balloons. Wyatt had his guitar and balloon. life was great.

Kynnlee was such a great sport!
The refreshment table. oops forgot to get a picture of the cake. But you are not missing much. I made a round hot pink cake. But to me it looked like a big pile of Pepto. I did not try it, but everyone said it was good.